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Price Watch is an initiative undertaken by JPKE to help consumers make informed decision on the prices of selected items when making a purchase.

Below are the list of departmental store and shops participating in the price watch, to download the detail view of each item in the shop please click on their company name.

Now displaying detail information of;

MAC 2016, WEEK 1

Participating Company/Outlet price watch

First Emporium​ Sim Kim Huat (Kiulap)​

Orbit (Jalan Muara)​
Supa Save & Smart​ Hua Ho (Tanjong Bunut)​ ​Hua Ho (Yayasan)
Hua Ho (Kiulap)​ Hua Ho (Manggis)​ Teguh Raya​
(Lumut, Seria)
​Sin Kew Hin Gadong
Milimewah (Kuala Belait)
Leong Wui​ Makro Jaya​ Seri Q Lap​
Hotmart​ Liang Toon ​ ​Giant Hypermat
​Utama Grand
​Jaya Hypermart Sifana
(Kg Manggis)
​Soon Lee ​De Rimba
Milimewah (Berakas)
Sim Kim Huat (Tutong)Pertama Department
Jerudong ​
Pertama Jaya
Warisan UtamaJayaSim Kim Huat (Sengkurong)Noorjumanah Dept Store

Weekly summary archive of previous consumer watch information, updated every Monday


​ ​ ​Week

​January ​1 ​2 3
4 5
​February ​1 ​2
4 5
​March 1 ​2 ​3 ​4 5
​April ​1 ​2 ​3 ​4 ​5
​May ​1 ​2 ​3 ​4 5
​June ​1 ​2 ​3 ​4 5
​July ​1 ​2 3 ​4 5
​August 1 ​2 3 4 5
​1 ​2 ​3 ​4 5
1 ​2 3
​November ​1 ​2 ​3 ​4 ​5
​December ​1 ​2 ​3 ​4 ​5

Price Watch Description

"it's a weekly review of the price changes on the list of
products from participating outlets"

Currently Listed items under price watch

​1Condensed Milk (Susu Manis Pekat)
​2​Evaporated Milk (Susu Cair)
​3​Flour (Tepong)
​5​Instant Noodles
​6​Dried Noodles
​7​Fresh Chicken (Ayam Segar)
​8​Chicken Eggs (Telor Ayam)
​9​Onions (Bawang)
​10​Cooking Oil (Minyak Masak)
​11​Milo (Malaysia)
​12​Cordial Syrups
​13​Sauces (Sos)
​15​Infant Diapers
​17​Canned Preserved Food
​18​Kaya Spread

Any complaints on prices and other related consumer matters,
consumer can contact JPKE hot line 2230223 during office hours or

Note: The Price of Items depends on the Availability of Stock
Lists depends on the number of companies' participation