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29 Mac 2017 - JPKE quashes price hike rumours on social media

​RUMOUR mongers continue to thrive in Brunei, exploiting new media technology and disregarding social etiquette.

As the social media is flooding with unfounded reports, authorities are faced with a hard task in dousing the wildfire of false news every time it starts spreading.

The latest authority to come out to battle the social media rumour mill is the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE), Prime Minister’s Office, which yesterday issued a statement to quash a ‘report’ circulated on the Internet which claimed that prices of goods in the country are going to skyrocket soon.

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Created at 4/5/2017 10:41 AM by Awg Mohammad Haimi Bin Yarmin @ Yamin
Last modified at 4/5/2017 10:45 AM by Awg Mohammad Haimi Bin Yarmin @ Yamin